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Special Education Resources Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI) is a collection of Internet accessible information resources of interest to those involved in the fields related to Special Education.

Office of Special Education Topics include: Special Ed. Information, Profedssionals in Special Ed., and Inforamtion for Parents.

Attention Deficit Disorder Learning disabliity caused by poor attention span, weak impulse control, hyperactivity

Dyslexia Learning disability that affects reading

Internet Teacher Resource Page incuding links to areas dealing with Special Education

Learning Disorders and Dyslexia Page filled with information on learning disorders.

Attention Deficit Disorder

The Dyslexia Archive

Dyslexia: The Gift

Mental Health Research Institute Includes: Books and Journals,International Conferences, and Research Units

Waisman Center Home Page Includes: The Family Village, and Web Sites Relative to Cognitive and Developmental Disabilitiesrdation

Fragile X Syndrome - The National Fragile X Foundation's website contains over 1200 pages of content on fragile X syndrome

Friedreich's Ataxia A slowly progresive disorder of the nervous system and muscles

Special Needs Links All kinds of links to information

Family Village Library LIbrary filled with disability information

Family Village Resource for persons with or wanting to learn about disabilities

Lissencephaly Dissorder of neuronal migration-"Smooth Brain"

Angelman Syndrome Neurological disorder associated with mental delay

Autism A condition in which the brain is not working properly

Cerebral Palsy Functional disorder that can include mental retardation.

Down Syndrome Combination ofphenotypic features that includes mental retardation

Information on Down Syndrome

Special Needs Education Network-Autism

Clean Water-Fighting Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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